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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Time to Add a Medical / Nursing Category

Via the Women's Bioethics Blog, I found the following fascinating sites:

Blogborygmi appealed to me because it's the writings of an Emergency Medicine resident in New York City. Who knew they could write? Great site, I'm sure it's rafters and cellars are packed with oodles of interesting stories.

That led me to head nurse, the journal of a neuroscience nurse. I like the way she lays it out, "
Brain on the top, spine down the back." You didn't know we had to have little memory joggers like that, did you? ; ) Oh, and she's got some great links. Yah, she's a feminist!

From head nurse, I made my way to Career Consulting for Physicians, by Ivo Drury. How curious I should wind up there in the midst of my mid-life career reevaluation and transition. I wonder if he counsels nurses... Still, an interesting concept, person and blog.

Finally, through Blogborygmi, I trotted on over to Medgadget. How delightful! My favorite combination, medicine/science and technology! You know I'll be keeping tabs.

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