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Sunday, May 21, 2006

I hate to admit it, but...

...I like Joni Mitchell. That's "like" as in I love to sing her songs, not as in I'd like to date her.
But tell me, does she really still wear her hair like this??

Time for a new do, Joni!

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Blogger NursePam said...

I don't know if she still wears her hair like this but the woman can sing ;^)

22/5/06 8:07 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

True, Pam. She's like other beautiful people who are "life-challenged," like Angelina and Brad. They look beautiful and some of them can act or sing but who'd want to be friends with them, really?

22/5/06 8:21 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

love joni!

25/5/06 2:08 AM  

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