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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No Hillary in 2008

Okay, I'm just throwing this out there but...are people crazy? Does anyone really believe that Hillary Rodham-Clinton, a woman, can win the White House in 2008? I appreciate all the woman has done and everything she's suffered through. I've not been terribly pleased with her move toward centrism in recent months, which has felt more to me like pandering to the enemy. I would love to see a woman as president of this country and feel it's long overdue but I doubt the American voting public is going to agree that Hillary in 2008 is the right woman at the right time.

Aside from making recent overtures to the right, she's got too much of a too recent past. The American public doesn't forget that easily or that soon, especially when there's illicit sex involved. An impeachment? First one in a century? I know it wasn't Hillary on the hot seat but the taint is there and it exists still. People know. People remember. I don't think people will elect her.

Why not look toward a black candidate, like Illinois' Barack Obama, for some fresh blood. How about good, old Al Gore, who would be a shoe-in on the sympathy and righting past wrongs votes alone! Thanks to Crooks and Liars (gotta love 'em!) for the link to the SNL video on a Parallel Universe in which Al was granted the presidency in 2000...

I thought it was a mistake for GLBT groups to push the issue of same-sex marriage in 2000 and 2004. It wasn't the time; it was too soon. And look what it's brought us. Think about it, Democrats. Do we want to make a point and lose or do we want someone who will move this country forward for a change? That might not be Hillary, not in 2008.

Just my two cents.

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Blogger Sandra said...

I am totally with you and had also thought of Barack Obama! I like her but I think it's the wrong time for Hillary, and hoping she won't try to pull it off. I can't believe it's only 2006..

That SNL was awesome.

25/5/06 2:03 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sandra. Love your site!

I hope the Democratic party doesn't try to pull it off but I'm afraid they might/will, at least from commentary I've heard on NPR. Scary! I just want the ideologues out! Let's hear from the silent (moderate or progressive) majority!

25/5/06 8:27 AM  

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