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Saturday, July 01, 2006

For Science Junkies

Sandra from Forgiving Nature pointed me in the direction of The Loom and ScienceBlogs, for which I thank her. I return the favor now by presenting RedOrbit Blogwatch. Karen, the author, presents snippets of news from various scientific disciplines...astronomy, medicine, genetics, the physical sciences, science ethics...and offers links to the articles. She searches the web for you and offers the best of the geeky science blogs for your perusal.

Via RedOrbit Blogwatch, I found this link to a great
video of what appears to be a meteorite striking the moon. Very cool! I've been to Bad Astronomy Blog before and can't believe I haven't linked to it yet. I've amended that grievous omission now. Great site if you like celestial bodies...and who doesn't?

Speaking of "the last frontier," the space shuttle Discovery is slated to launch today at 3:49 PM EDT. Check out for coverage, if you're interested.

On another note, my first day back to work was very gentle. Let's hope everyone holds that thought and decides to spend the entire holiday weekend chilling out and getting mellow over their barbecues and leaves my ER alone!

no missing fingers from holding onto M-80's just a little too long?...

Happy second half of the year, all.

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