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Friday, June 16, 2006

Alrighty Then...

All packed. Why is it that I have to be a chronic overpacker? Really, it's not too bad. For 10 to 12 days, one small-med sized rectangular case and one backpack to check. My small, leather backpack with absolute, they-lost-my-fucking-luggage essentials and one smallish laptop to carry on.

I love traveling. I love packing. I love small things...little soaps, little baby powder canisters, little Q-Tip containers. I am very proud of my essentials carry-on backpack. Here's its contents, roughly, because I'm not emptying it just to inventory it for you:

4 books and a journal, a mini bathroom kit with shampoo, toothbrush, soap, lotion, medications [routine and prn (or "as needed") meds], jewelry, one change of clothes (capris, top) 3 pair underwear, one swimsuit and sundress (for beach cover-up), small suntan lotion (SPF 30), one pair flip-flops, one pair ballerina slippers, important papers and other essentials, my brand-spanking new, never been kissed passport, gum, emergency candy bar (chocolate, of course), Band-Aids, tiny antibiotic ointment packet, pens, pencils, Chapstik, portable ashtray.

OMG! I Forgot cigarettes! ROFL! They'll have to go in the laptop case. All I have left to do is polish up a few pieces of jewelry, shower and dress. Notice I didn't mention sleep.

I haven't pulled a 36 hour all-nighter in about 5 years but I think I'm staying up now. This morning's flights should be interesting.

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Blogger Kim said...

All right, that's enough fun. You're missed. LoL ~ Nony

22/6/06 3:05 AM  
Blogger Vanda said...

Have a great trip.Thank goodness you didn't forget the smokes!

22/6/06 8:04 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Travel safe! Looking forward to your return!

26/6/06 12:35 AM  

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