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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ann Coulter versus George Carlin, A Heavyweight Match

Via the Tennessee Guerilla Women, I learned that Ann Coulter (poisonous, skeletal sac) and George Carlin are slated to appear on the Jay Leno Show tonight. (Sorry, but it will never be The Tonight Show for me if it's got Jay Leno.)

I know
I plan to be home in time to see one of my heroes machete a few inches off those bony, bamboo-stalks Coulter calls legs. (Does she really consider herself attractive? A real woman has a little meat on her bones! Who'd want to grind up against a fleshless, skin-covered femur???) Check your local listings here on Meevee, an adorable recent find.

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Blogger Refugee from Reason said...

Not really a "heavyweight" match. Now, Carlin v Sahl, that would be a heavyweight match. It's extraordinary that this woman is getting this much publicity for simply be rude. It wouldn't be half as bad if the publicity was for being uninformed, illogical and downright stupid, eh?

Oh, thanks for the Media Matters tip.

14/6/06 1:59 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Yeah, I didn't mean it would be an even heavyweight match. I expected to watch George (the protagonist) rip up one side of her and down the other, while not allowing himself to be talked over.

Unfortunately, I didn't get home until midnight and had to do the dog thing so I missed it. I hope I can find some clips out there soon.

And, you're welcome. : )

15/6/06 12:06 AM  

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