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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

March On, Activist Benchers (M. O. A. B)

Maybe a Biblical reference will feel like less a threat to the religious right-wingnuts . "Oh, it' an organization named, "Moab!" Must be one of ours!" Might get under the radar on this one before the radical religious right is on to us!

MOAB Judicial Watch, a purely fictional entity in my own, little Utopian imagination, has detected some pings in the SONAR. Translated, that means I found a couple of interesting articles and a thought thread sprung up.

Townhall offered this in the spring of 2004, prior to the bulk of the 2004 primary elections and, of course, the fall's general election. I thank God I have women like Phyllis Schlafly to be role models! I've been wondering where my burgeoning interest in facials, massages and pedicures came from. Perhaps my girlie-girl is finally coming out and I'll realize Anita and Phyllis were right! I AM a high femme!

I find it interesting that Mrs. Schlafly should predict difficulties with the voting process for the 2004 elections. Yep...there were. I bet she didn't comment about any irregularities after Ohio's results were in. Just like in 2000, any irregularities and judges' rulings benefited the Republican presidential candidate. Where were the activist liberal judges then? Being drowned out by the right-wing ideological ACTIVISTS and overruled by, are you ready for this, activist conservative judges. I know it's a shock to any who wandered over from Sorry. You should have been given complimentary packet of spirits of ammonia with your seminar program at the door. They ran out? So sorry.

C'mon, folks. It runs both ways. Are there federal judges who do not rule strictly by the literal word of the founding fathers who drafted our Constitution? Sure they are. Are there other federal judges who interpret the Constitution in its most literal sense, motivated by their personal, radical religious ideology? You betcha.

You fight for what you want, Phyllis, and I support your right to do that to the death (well, maybe not actual 'death'). And the rest of us can fight for what we think is right. (Wow! What a concept!) Hopefully, the silent majority of Americans who will want to fight that fight and at least register and vote in the November elections this year.

The other article is a second great one I found tonight from the Chicago Tribune which quoted the current male resident of the White House thusly:
"Our policies should aim to strengthen families, not undermine them," Bush said in a speech. "And changing the definition of marriage would undermine the family structure."
I don't want to get involved in the whole same-sex marriage ban amendment now but it seems to me the ones who are trying to change thee definition of marriage are the very people who are supporting this ridiculous amendment (aka political ploy). Maybe the red staters can't see a purely political move but we here in the blue states caught this one in a New York minute! So a completely riven social and cultural structure in the US is okay as long as the "family structure" is saved. Politicking by division.

It is never going to pass...not with 2/3 of the Senate nor with ratification by 3/4 of the states in the US. Not a snowball's chance in hell. It's an opportunity for Bush to pander to the radical religious right base he so pissed off by pandering to corporate and private wealth expansion and utterly mismanaging a meaningless war which is polarizing the country. It's his attempt to call the flock back to the fold in advance of a frightening mid-term election in November. (Register to vote!)

We need to hear some voices of reason come November, not just the screech of the opposition. And it's not just about stem cell research and abortion and RU486. It's about human rights and abuses around the world (including IN or SUPPORTED by the United States and possibly EXECUTED by the United States government), about economic and social justice, about a corporate mentality versus a peaceful, collaborative aapproach to inevitable globalization. It's about caring for our neighbors, our world and our earth. It's about making this a whole country again. "A house divided by itself cannot stand," said the wise man, Abe.

It's time for the majority to coalesce. It's time for us to stop being directed by those forces who are seeking to keep us divided.

Do I want Phyllis's Utopia to win out over mine (the following was brazenly stolen from's article, Judges in the Crosshairs,
by Michael I. Niman, ArtVoice 4/14/05 Thanks!)--
Phyllis Schlafly, a Republican stalwart who cut her teeth in the 1980s as an outspoken obsessive homophobe, recently told a conference attended by Republican activists, lawyers and a few members of Congress, that Congress should pass laws limiting court jurisdiction with regards to the Pledge of Allegiance, gay marriage, religious displays in public buildings, and, are you ready for this? The Boy Scouts. I guess that in this brave new Republican utopia, bad Boy Scouts go to special Bad Boy Scout Court where their deans of discipline can brand their badasses without any pansy court interference. Don’t worry about the U.S.. constitution. According to The Washington Post, Schlafly asserts that the Constitution is “not what the Supreme Court says it is.” No. It’s what Tom DeLay says it is – or ain’t.

Like Tom DeLay, Schlafly has specific judges in her crosshairs. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, a conservative Reagan appointee, is one of them. According to the “pro-life” Schlafly, Kennedy’s objection to juvenile executions constitutes grounds for his impeachment. Speaking at the same conference as Schlafly, author Edwin Vieira told the crowd that Kennedy should be impeached for striking down anti-sodomy laws as unconstitutional. These, if you are not aware, are the 19 th century blue laws lingering on the books prohibiting oral sex among consenting heterosexuals and any sex among homosexuals. According to Vieira, Kennedy, in negating these laws, “upholds Marxist, Leninist, Satanic principles.”

This theory of blowjobs upholding collectivist economic theory or of the avowedly atheist Lenin embracing religious principles would be comical – except this is no longer the embarrassing wacko fringe of the Republican party. Tom Delay shared this stage, giving them a charge via a televised presence. This is the cabal that’s in power. Any National Guard member or Army Reservist mired down as a human target in Iraq will attest to the life transforming power this group has over more and more of us.
Is it any wonder I want our "activist" judges to keep marching on? It is the responsibility of our government to do the best good and least harm for the most Americans, with fairness and justice. "Activitst" judges seem to help that happen.

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