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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I've Got That Post in the Pipeline

Well, the post I promised is in the works, the one with my new, little drop-down text box. : ) But it's getting way too late to do it tonight (this morning) with work in the AM. It has to do with the insightful and encouraging comment left by the blogger who writes at Refuge from Reason on my post Here's the Deal.

To the commentor, thanks for the lovely, motivational words. You've given me more to chew on than I properly could on this only one day off. I love your site and am sorry to hear The DaVinci Code sucked. (My word, not his.) Also, I've stolen your link to The Institute of Official Cheer (hilarious) and you've got some great music links on your site!

I promise it's coming! I only work tomorrow then have at least Monday and Tuesday. Writing that post sounds like a great way to spend my Memorial Day. That and maybe finally figuring out how to grill a decent pork rib. salad, sauteed asparagus, egg potato salad. I can taste it now.

Until then, this is Technorati tagged: blogging / humor / life / US politics, if you follow the link to the comment.


Blogger Refugee from Reason said...

Thank you. To tilt a bit toward irony, I lived in Philadelphia, oh my, 50 years ago. I attended Ardmore Junior High School and my girlfriend was Sheryl Mastrin, I believe.

It was a break from New York, as my Father had taken an assignment from the Inquirer, I believe and we lived out on Rose Lane in Haverford for a couple of years before returning to NY.

I recall those days as quite wonderful. Three very specific memories: the Suburban Drug Store, a bowling alley nearby and seeing Elvis in his early years at the Arena. Oh, there was also Richie Ashburn, Smokey Burgess and Robin Roberts.

As much as I've travelled about the country, I've not been back since then, though I understand it's changed quite a bit.

28/5/06 2:01 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Glad you dropped back. I wanted you to know I hadn't ignored your comment. I was just left momentarily speechless.

Cool about Philadelphia. The Inquirer is still around (and is my Philly paper), though it was recently bought from McClatchy by a consortium of local businessmen. I hope they can do as they promise and keep their noses out of the editorial policy.

I don't really know much about Philly. I'm really an exiled Jersey girl, having lived 44 of my 49 years in Camden or Gloucester Counties. I recall going in to the city with my grandmother as a child to Gimbels for Christmas shopping. Those memories are precious, the city was a dream to me.

I also remember Richie Ashburn, though only as a Phillies commentator. I attended one Phils game at Connie Mack Stadium before it was torn down and received a Louisville Slugger bat that day, I want to say it was Dick Groat. It's probably still in my parents' basement.

If you've neglected travel to Philadelphia, you really should get back. There are some fine, first-class eating and entertainment opportunities in the city nowadays. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

28/5/06 2:26 AM  

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