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Monday, September 04, 2006

Sand Sculpture

Somehow, I came upon this site. Not through the usual suspects. No, this was a random Google search for sand sculptures. (Click on the thumbnails to go a larger image at the website of origin.)

The place is Sandsational Sand Sculpting. I tell you, I spent at least an hour and a half there just checking out the product! Amazing stuff!

There are gargoyles thinking.

And gargoyles doing what comes more naturally.


And Pirates. Gaahhrrrrrh!

Ugh! How'd she get in here? See...booze does attract a seedier element.

There are gods.

And demigods.

And, Dooode,
these suckers are big!

Are you a businessperson looking for a novel marketing concept? Reportedly the two artists in question share backgrounds as diverse as design engineering, fine art, performance art and marketing. Imagine a sand sculpture at you next function. Then imagine one of these.

tags: art / performance art / sand art / pirates...Garrrh!


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