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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Compassionate Redneck

I tell ya, I love this candidate! I don't care whether he's Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, libertarian, green or Commie. I just want to pull that lever for Kinky!

Kinky is Awesome dropped by recently and read my Kinky Friedman post. He/She pointed me in the direction of several sites and articles about Kinky that I hadn't seen. Thought you might like going there, too.

Kinky is strongly disavowing himself of any liberal bent, proudly pointing out that he voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004. Hey, we all make mistakes. Some interpret the fact that Kinky only voted once in the past 12 years as apathy or disinterest. Kinky explains it otherwise:
"Quite often, I did not like my choices," Friedman was quoted as saying in Friday's Dallas Morning News. "If God wanted us to vote, he'd give us a choice. This time, God has given us a choice."
God has given Texas Kinky. At least here is a candidate who doesn't shy away from or try to hide his God complex. That is certainly refreshing in American politics.

He has developed a friendship with GWB and believes Bush has been "handling that well" when asked about Bush's policies in the Middle East. So, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. He's got a fairly radical plan for controlling illegal immigration along Texas' border but, hey, his Five Mexican Generals plan is no more radical (or idiotic) than erecting a physical fence all along the US's southern border.

He wants to reinstitute non-denominational prayer in Texas' schools (I could live with a period of silent reflection at the beginning of each school day) and restore the Ten Commandments to the hallowed halls of secondary education in the Lone Star State (I'm not so sure about that one).

I can understand Kinky pandering to a conservative majority in Texas. Hey, do what you've got to do, Cowboy. He's also claimed his political incorrectness:
"That's the problem with politicians; they don't want to offend anybody. In so doing, though, they offend all of us." Friedman later questioned any conflict between cracking wise and delivering a message voters weigh seriously. "I'm not a politician," he said. "I'm a compassionate redneck; relate to me different than these guys or you won't get accurate results."
I may not agree with everything he's got to say but I sure as hell respect him for having the balls to say it. It's about time we stopped being afraid of our own shadows here in America, folks. Do you believe strongly in something? Then say so. wise politicians will claim what they are while allowing room for inclusion of others and the courage and openess to listen to and consider another view. What a concept.

Hey, he likes windmills, so he can't be all bad though, if he's a redneck, I have to wonder if he kills birds.

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Anonymous editor said...

You must be mistaken when you say "Kinky only voted once in the past 12 years."

Kinky has said many times that he voted for Richards in 1994, Gore in 2000, Bush in 2004, and against the constitutional ban on civil unions in 2005.

Also, I think you will find that Kinky told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that he favors hiring Five Mexican Generals plus he also wants to build a border-fence:

FRIEDMAN: Seal the border.
O'REILLY: Do you trust the Mexicans to do that?
FRIEDMAN: Well, we -- it would probably have -- it would be both sides, 679 miles-- fair to both sides. Definitely I would seal the border by bringing in the -- I think you're basically right about that.
O'REILLY: The National Guard.
FRIEDMAN: Bring in the National Guard, the Texas Rangers, the entire Polish Army, whatever it takes.
O'REILLY: Well, you could -- as Governor Friedman, you can call the Guard out and you can put the Guard right behind the federal Border Patrol. Arnold Schwarzenegger could do that tomorrow if he so desired.
FRIEDMAN: And I want them to help. I mean, good fences...
O'REILLY: Absolutely. That's what they're there for.
FRIEDMAN: ...Good fences make good neighbors, and, Mr. Fox, help us build that fence.
O'REILLY: Well, don't count on help from Mr. Fox because he's getting so much money from this illegal immigration back there.
FRIEDMAN: That's true.

25/8/06 4:37 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

I'm sorry to admit I'm a piss-poor journalist. Fortunately, my livelihood doesn't depend on my journalistic skills or ethics.

No, I didn't research the post thoroughly. I am not seriously interested in TX politics. I live in eastern Pennsylvania. I've written about Kinky because the story caught my fancy and, although I did notice a discrepancy between "has only voted once in 12 years" and a reference elsewhere claiming he voted for Gore in 2000 and Bush in 2004, unlike a true journalist, I delved no further but chose to turn a blind eye to the lack of consistency.

I am disappointed to learn Kinky has advocated the fence, one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. Fences can be breached. If we're serious about stopping the steady stream of illegal immigration from Mexico, it seems to me the only way is to adequately staff the border.

I'll have to read your entire article and interview. I'm so intrigued by American oddities...roadside attractions, movie star governors and presidents, Texas Jewish singing cowboy comedian author gubenatorial candidates.

How could I resist?

25/8/06 11:18 PM  
Anonymous jenny in texas said...

Actually, princess, you are correct.

It is true that Kinky has told different groups that voted for Richards in 1994, Gore in 2000, Bush in 2004, and against the constitutional ban on civil unions in 2005.

It is also true the Kinky only voted once in the last 12 years (when he voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004). Kinky's voting records confirm the fact that he hasn't voted.

The explanation is that Kinky lied about his vote.

This isn't the only issue Kinky is flakey about.

For example, Kinky's says says "I am not anti-death penalty", but Kinky also recently testified under oath that "let's do away with the death penalty". How can you do away with the death penalty and still say I'm not anti-death penalty?

Kinky also tells some audiences he's pro-choice, but other audiences that he's not pro-choice or pro-life.

Kinky also says he isn't anti-hunting but when he used to write for Texas Monthly he wrote an anti-hunting article that caused the most hate mail and cancelled subscriptions in the magazine's history.

I could respect someone who takes a bold position, but taking two 180 degree different bold positions on a single issue isn't anything to respect.

26/8/06 12:14 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Oh dear...I'm sorry if people have taken me seriously on this topic. Please see today's posts regarding my real concerns about the Texas gubernatorial race. I'm primarily intrigued by the circus quality of it all, not the actual issues.

I live in PA and Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter are my two US Senators, with Specter being the lesser of those two evils. As I state in the post, I have my own problems here.

Good luck for the best person to win the Governor's mansion in Austin!

26/8/06 2:31 PM  

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