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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Site Stats Fun

I just looked through my site stats and found a couple of the most interesting scenarios played out:

One person, some poor trudge law clerk burning the midnight oil no doubt, presented from a US Court in DC through a Google search for:
boggs "sixth circuit" detroit
That brought him or her to a recent post on the District Judge's denial of the NSA domestic spying program. This reader exited to Pinko Feminist Hellcat's site.

The very next hit was from somewhere in Texas (I know, doesn't narrow it down much) and came here looking for
"cunt positive" and "betty dodson"
on Google. That brought them to any number of posts here from May (National Masturbation Month, remember? Have you been practicing for next year?). This kind reader left my site to go check out the Employment Non-Discrimination Act information at the Human Rights Campaign.

God, I love the internet!

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