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Friday, September 15, 2006

Sadie is Scary Smart

My dog is scaring me. I swear to God she can fully understand spoken English! I came home from work this evening and was, as usual, met at the door by my loving mutt. We played a bit, did a little belly rubbing and I put out her food.

I gave her a bone to allow me a little wind down time before our walk. She came over to me, sat down alongside the couch to get petted. As I petted her, she slowly lowered her head back and to the side to lay it, seductively, on my lap.

I told her that, indeed, she was lovely but that I wanted her to eat her food. (Her appetite has been a little off for the past few weeks.) My exact words were, "Go eat your food. I want you to eat your food before we go for our walk." Naturally, her Shepherd ears perked up at the word "walk," as they always do. But I reinforced that I wanted her to eat before we go out.

She went down and lay at the apartment door for a little while then came back up, gave me a look (you know, one of those "Whatever" looks) then went out to the kitchen to her food. She then immediately presented herself at my side again to make sure I realized that she'd eaten.

I swear it's like she could understand every word I said along with the abstract concept of doing as I ask in order to get what she wants.

I tell you, it's scary sometimes.

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Blogger Yvonne said...

Do you get the feeling that maybe Sadie has been here before? And do you realise that is the first post in forever where I understood every word without having to google anything? PMSL. I apologise for my hissy fit. Very bad pain day. Go see the explanation and apology when you have a lil bit of time. Give Sadie a scratch behind the ears from me. And go smooch yourself.

Love Yvonne aka Naughty Dragon Mum

17/9/06 9:51 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

I hope you're feeling better, Von...I'll get back to your site tomorrow. I've got to get to work at 6:45 AM (God, I hate orienting!)

Hope all goes well with arrangements and with the surgery. You are (none of you but you in particular) far from my prayers,

As for Sadie, I've wondered if she's my sister reincarnated. Both female, brown-eyed and utterly lovable!

Love ya, Sweetie!

17/9/06 10:26 PM  

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