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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Advice Needed

Now that I'm starting a new work schedule next week, I've come to realize that my life is going to change drastically with a 5-day workweek, 3pm to 11pm.

I will never hear Fresh Air again!

All Things Considered.

Talk of the Nation will be interrupted with showering and dog-walking.

I can't live without my NPR!

So, I think it's time to break down and get one of those iPod or mp3 player thingies so I can download and listen to Fresh Air and Talk of the Nation whenever I want.

So, what do I get, folks? I know you can get these things downloaded to your cell phone or some such. Do I want to do that?

Or do I just get a good pair of Bose headphones and listen on the laptop?

I hate technology!

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Anonymous Kati said...

I'd do it on the laptop, personally. If you're not an iPod (or some other MP3 player) user normally, I think the constant loading and reloading that you have to do with podcasts will drive you crazy. YMMV, of course.

7/9/06 3:27 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Gee, Kati, thanks!

You knew I was just looking for an excuse to get some grossly overpriced headphones anyway, huh?

I've linked to your site, btw. I'm all for delivering quality health care to people in the Delaware Valley.

Thanks for stopping by!

7/9/06 4:36 PM  

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