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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't Ask

While wending my way across the internet tonight researching that post on Path to 9/11, I checked my technorati tags for "graft." I like to make sure my tags actually lead people to something, except on occasion of the "guess which is the fake tag" contests challenges.

Well, 'graft' led me, somehow, to the net neutrality site, It's a Series of Tubes!!!

Trust me, you're gonna love it. Hilarity at its finest! Poor Senator Stevens.

I also found my way to an online Bajan community. Call it cultural appropriation if you will but I fell in love with many aspects of the culture of Barbados on my summer vacation. I just want to learn more about them, their culture, values and politics. Unfortunately, neither
BIM Today, Little Bimshire nor the Little Bimshire Online Bajan Community blog has been updated for many months. Still, some of the links are quite nice. Shame the sites don't seem to be active. I do happen to be a registered online user of Barbados' Nation News.

Finally, once again by the elusive 'somehow,' I found out about an ecological alternative to burial or cremation at Promessa. The freeze-drying and vibration process sounds all very lovely. Here is an illustrated description of the process. Following preparation, ones remains (and the remains of freeze-dried coffin) are placed in a box made of cornstarch which will allow for the completion of decomposition into compost in 6-12 months.

Vegetation then planted on the site will receive the nutrients of the deceased via the root system.

So, I only need to get my body shipped to Sweden after the organ harvesters, researchers and medical students are done with it. Shouldn't be too hard. I've always wanted to visit Scadanavia, anyway...

Plant anything on me but a wisteria or other beautiful yet evil, vining plant, please. And please don't plant vegetables. That would be too creepy!

For the record and in all seriousness, I am a firm believe in advance directives, including funereal directives. I allow for any sort of celebration or memorial service my survivors might desire but want my physical remains to be utilized as I direct. Do you want your body taking up valuable park space? Drawing dust on a mantle or on display in a sepulchre? I want mine to be of as much use to as many people as possible.

My brain is to be donated to a brain bank for reserach into neurologic diseases. All other organs, bone, tissue are to be harvested with as much as possible used for donation. My remains will then be offered up for research, especially if I die from some rare, tropical megavirus or plague or something. Yeah, cool! Finally, if researchers don't want me or when they're done, I offer what's left to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey for education.

Maybe when they're done with me, they could ship me off to Sweden, hmmm?

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Anonymous Veronica said...

Does that mean that your body would travel more in death than in life? (I haven't been to Sweden.)

6/9/06 3:19 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Well, hopefully, I've got a few more years to make sure that doesn't happen, especially now that I have a passport...

Here's hopin' we both get to Scandinavia before we need Promessa's services, hmmm?

6/9/06 5:04 PM  

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