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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ABC Crockumentary "Path to 9/11"

Via Echidne of the Snakes, I found out about the upcoming ABC broadcast of the docudrama, Path to 9/11. Hey, I don't watch much tv, especially network tv. (Ckick here and here [Ack!'ll just have to scroll down to "More on 'Path to 9/11' " since I can't figure out the direct link.] for Echidne's posts on the subject.) I also clicked on the link to Think Progress for this disturbing analysis from Richard Clarke...yes, the former counterterrorism advisor for Bush I, Clinton and Bush II. Here is more on the project from Think Progress.

Representative Louise Slaughter of New York's 28th Congressional district has this to say about the film.

The 'docudrama' has also been a hot topic on Firedoglake. Oh, there's good stuff there.

What really scorches my butt about this is that loads ( or "enormous amounts") of Americans will view this program and believe it. Well, if it's on ABC, it must be true. Do I cast aspersions on the intelligence of the average American television viewer? I'd like to think I am but I doubt it. I work with and treat people who will watch this program and, without question, accept it as reality.

This is a gross misuse of the trust placed by the American public, right or wrong, in its media. This is playing on the tremendous emotional pull of one of the most significant and tragic events in US history at a time of our greatest vulnerability. This betrayal of the American viewing public by a major media and entertainment corporation is for...what? What is ABC getting out of this? What is the corporate motivation here?

Echidne really hit the nail on the head when she asked:

I really hope I'm wrong, because to broadcast the docudrama on the two nights following the 9/11 fifth anniversary, and to do that without any advertising suggests an almost religious treatment. Or an infomercial one. But if the latter, who is paying ABC?

Tell ABC to tell the truth about 9/11 - A project of

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