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Friday, September 08, 2006

President and Pony Show

Through my site meter (gotta love it!) I found my way to Blogslut today. Great politics. Great smut. Great slut!

The post at the top of the page today is about Shiny, the 9-11 pony. You've got to go see it for yourself as it defies my mere mortal attempts at description.

Once you've gone to see it, go back. You see, this fancy little comic is entered into the "Contagious Festival" at The Huffington Post. Apparently, a monthly prize is offered for the most widely viewed project for the festival. Look how close Blogslut is to fame...8th plac
e as of this writing. Surely hers has got to be better than the Veterans for Peace offering.

Click on Shiny. Click on any you want, really. Just don't click on the top two...they've got enough votes already.

Just think, if we spread this out to all the sex bloggers and lefty bloggers, progressive bloggers and rad-feminist bloggers, sex-positive and openly raunchy folks we know in the 'sphere (I think that pretty much covers everybody I know), we could push Blogslut to number 3 or 4!

There's still fun to be had out there on the intertubes! Get it while you still can!

I've given you loads of opportunities. Get clicking! You know you want to...

(Unrelated aside: I will hopefully spend the weekend at the shore and will be, consequently, pretty much incomputicado for a day or a few. See y'all next week.)

tags: blogging / humor / internet(s) / smut / US politics


Blogger Sandra said...

hi cheryl, too funny. it was fun sending that one out. i also like the one called "everybody hates"

i hope you don't mind, i am tagging you with a book meme... :) you can find it on my blog.
hoping you had a lovely weekend!

11/9/06 11:30 AM  

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