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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Olbermann Special Comment: Bush on Terror

Is it any wonder I love this man? He says everything I have spent the last several hours / days / weeks thinking, and in a much more succinct manner. And, oh, that enunciation!

The real terrorists here, people are our current president and his crew. If, legally, we cannot remove the incompetent megalomaniac from office for over two more years, our only alternative is to create a roadblock for any more of Bush's "progress" in the form of a Democratic majority congress...House and Senate.

Go vote on November 7th. And when you do, think about how you feel. Have the last six years increased your confidence that your grandchildren will live in a world free of the fallout of a nuclear holocaust? Are you more or less certain your grandchildren will be alive at all in ten, twenty, thirty years? If we avoid the near complete destruction of the planet, whose bills will those grandchildren be working so hard to pay off? Their own? Ours? Or will it be the debt of the wealthy corporate executives in the cloistered, sometimes gated, communities in the rich sections of your town?

This president is raping our constitution, compromising our security and endebting generations of Americans to children, grandchildren, etc., etc. Someone has got to bring some balance back into our government. The best choice for that task, flawed as they may be, are the Democratic congressional candidates.

Please care. Please vote.

tags: Bush / failure / national security / Keith Olbermann / terrorism / US politics / "war on terror"

Afterthought: You'll note that I've included the word "failure" in my tags. That term is meant to represent the current president of the United States. However, "failure" is a relative term. George W. Bush is a failure only if what he intended to deliver to the American people were unity, security, prosperity, justice, respect and decent foreign relations. If his intention included the seizure of as much power as he and his friends and allies could, disruption of international relationships on all fronts, near-complete isolation of the United States, increased risk of terrorism threats and attacks, lucrative contracts and expanded portfolios for America's wealthy citizens, the disenfranchisement of the poor in the US, grossly widening economic disparity in America and the whittling away of the very freedoms our forebears fought and died for over two centuries then I guess we'd have to concede he has been a rousing success.



Blogger Yvonne said...

Remains under a manhole? WTF?

This guy is so cool. I love the way he speaks, passionate and well spoken. I just wish we could see him here. So you will have to keep posting relevant links for me Cher. I'm learning alot here.

I wish you all the best of luck in the vote.

26/10/06 10:36 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Von, you can go to and search for keith olbermann and find, I'm sure, hundreds or thousands of clips to watch. It usually takes a couple of days after broadcast before a video clip winds up youtubed.

He is fabulously articulate. I hope he eventually kicks O'Reilly's sorry ass off the airwaves altogether!

Thanks for the good wishes. Unless the Repubs again play dirty or issue a blaring "surprise" in the next week and a half, the Democrats should be in a position to put the brakes on the madman a bit come January.

27/10/06 8:31 AM  

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