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Thursday, October 12, 2006

George W. Bush

Hear this, Mr. President!

This is what the American people **don't want** and what we **do want**:

The American people **don't want** to be led into a war with Iran.

The American people **do want** the rhetoric with Iran to stop.

The American people **do want** our diplomats and State Department officials to commit to bilateral talks with North Korea.

The American people **do want**
negotiations with Iran to resume to lay to rest any thought of nuclear weapons and their use.

The American people **don't want** to die as a result of a nuclear holocaust.

The American people **do want** our government to enter into fully cooperative partnerships with our allies around the world, including all members of the European Union.

The American people **do want** good relationships and mutual cooperation between the US and all other countries of the world.

The American people **do want** the destruction of all nuclear weapons on earth, achieved through negotiation and skillful diplomacy.

The American people **do want** to abide by all provisions of all treaties, conventions and international law.

The American people **don't want**, by and large, the US to become an island unto herself.

The American People **do want** to be members of a global community.

In case that was a little difficult to decipher, here is a simpler version:

Stop talkin' trash.
Talkin' to that Kim fella "man-to-man."
Talkin' to Iran.
Playin' nice with our friends.
Playin' nice with the rest of the world.
Gettin' rid of all the nucular weapons.
Honorin' our contracts and obeyin' the law, even international law.
Bein' good neighbors to all.

Talkin' trash about Iran.
Talkin' trash about North Korea.
Talkin' trash about anybody else, too.
Fightin' Iran.
Fightin' North Korea.
Fightin' anybody else.
Dyin' in a nucular winter...we really don't want that one, Sir.
Isolationism. Isolationism is bad.

(Mr. President, you could cut that out, laminate it and keep it in your wallet for handy future reference!)

Blowin' us all to Kingdom come, Sir, is a really, really bad idea.

Gettin' rid of all the nukes on earth...priceless!



Blogger Refugee from Reason said...

A one point: With regard to the "rhetoric with Iran," better the rhetoric than another war (just a thought). It's when the SOB stops talking about things that we find ourselves losing population.

And can you believe that Harry Reid story. As usual, my party will find a way...

12/10/06 10:08 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Well, that's true, RfR, but better still would be reasonable negotiation.

I have no idea what the Harry Reid story is. Guess I'll have to go Google that before work...

Thanks for stopping by!

12/10/06 12:05 PM  
Blogger Refugee from Reason said...

Harry Reid's an ass and an embarrasment to the leadership (minority or majority) that included a ton of great legislators, all of whom took money illicitly, but all of whom before 1980 made legislation that was in our best interests.

As to negotiation from this Administration, please, it's "stay the course." Of course it would be better, but absent true negotiation, keep the Cowboy talking enough so he forgets about invading. My view.

12/10/06 9:09 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Funny you should name 1980 as the start of the decline...Isn't that when we got our first taste of "Trickle-down Economics?" Funny, I'm still waiting for that trickle to hit my neighborhood. But you're right...that does seem to be when it all started falling apart.

Tell you think Reagan was a knowing and willing participant or a puppet president?

As for Bush, I don't think he's going to forget invading. I'm beginning to think something like this might have been his ultimate purpose. I do believe the man is deranged or deluded enough to feel he has a destiny to fulfill. Scares the shit outta me, that does.

12/10/06 10:49 PM  

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