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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Fistful of Posts

Well, I got through three days of work last week (12-hour days, just so you don't think I'm a lazer) without much difficulty. I even had a great deal of fun with many of my co-workers. Wednesday I worked with one of my favorite docs. He and I share a birthdate a few years apart and are molto simpatico. Fortunately, we're usually not bitchy on the same days. I wonder if our cycles would match if we lived together...

Second day, I worked in Trauma, my least favorite place but, luckily, we didn't see much action. I think the only true trauma we had admitted during my eight hours there was a construction worker who fell from a twelve-foot ladder, badly injuring his foot. Lucky for him that was all he did and he was able to be discharged. Upon discharge, however, he hopped out to the parking circle, lit up a cigarette and promptly passed out. This time we lit him up like an Independence Day ground display with CT radiation and wanted to keep him overnight, which he declined. I sure hope he made out okay.

Friday, I worked with one of the best groups and we had a blast, joking and howling all evening. I was regaled with the tale of one co-worker, named Wanda, who put some Irish potatoes in the microwave because, "she likes her potatoes warm." We called her "Blonda" for the rest of the night.

I was up until the wee hours again Friday and Saturday nights. I just don't know why I can't seem to force myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I even fight the Lunesta when I take it. Now tonight, I'm drinking this hour. You know it'll be a Lunesta night for sure. I just get so involved in the 'net.

Work doesn't leave much time for blogging or reading other's blogs. Insomnia does. I had a lot of catching up to do yesterday and now get to post about it all. Here's some of what I've found so fascinating the past two, late nights:

A absorbing essay by Ben Metcalf, a literary editor at Harper's, positing where simple human decency has gone in the United States and whether one would really be committing a crime by declaring he'd like to hunt down George W. Bush and kill him with his bare hands. I understand and empathize. I've often wondered about the legality of issuing just such a statement.

I think if I choose to make such a statement, I'd better do it before Justice John Paul Stevens dies and the current male resident of the White House has the opportunity to tilt the Supreme Court even farther to the right, toward a judicial body which will ultimately strip from ordinary American citizens, entirely, all the constitutional rights provided for us in the Bill of Rights. The longer I live in the US under the current administration, the better Canada sounds.
Blogs for Women is a repository of adult and porn sites for women. Worth a gander, or would that be a "goose?"
Somehow...not because I was looking for it...I would up at Primal Spirit, a New Age site. Most of it seemed rather hokey to me but I found this interesting. The Lord of the Rings, Ego and Addiction. Interesting stuff about the psychology of addiction. They relate their cautionary tale through the lesson of Gollum, the once-Hobbit strangled by his lust for The Ring. They draw intriguing connections between Tolkien's long ago, imaginary world and modern life. A lot of the rest of the site is hokey.

Through my site meter, I found a Google search about "feelings about becoming a grandmother." I hope the grandma in question found The Grandmother Principle. It seems like just what she was looking for.

Well, the Lunesta's kicking in big time. Time for bed. I hope I can get a post in tomorrow before I leave for work.

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