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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another Excellent Article

I was shocked and disheartened when I read recently that the percentage of Americans who believe Saddam Hussein actually possessed weapons of mass destruction at the time of our invasion of Iraq 3 years ago has gone up in recent months. What could possibly account for this shift? Surely, Bush has not performed so splendidly in recent months that his credibility has improved. The Iraq war gets worse, casualties mount and the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer in sight so he can't be credited with running a war or an occupation well. What makes his claims more believable now?

Media Matters has an excellent article on this topic.

Where is the mainstream media? For that matter, where is the US Senate? Where are the calls for an independent investigation? Why is the mainstream media pussyfooting around this administration?

September 11, 2001 was long ago. We do not need to live in constant fear yet that is precisely the state this administration endeavors to cultivate within us. George Bush has perpetuated a reign of terror on this nation unlike anything ever done to us by outsiders. He's been duplicitous. He's been deceitful. He has lied, consciously and with intent and purpose. I do not believe he gave any credence to the claims of a WMD threat in Iraq. As a result of
his actions, over 2,500 American men and women have been killed in Iraq.

Yet the media panders to this administration. Where is his accountability? Where are the calls from the media for a reckoning?
What is the media so afraid of? Thank God for the blogosphere. Without it, I wonder if I'd ever hear the truth again.

I would rather have the skin blown off my bones by an Iranian nuclear bomb than let this maniac of a president lead our country into another war.

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