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Monday, July 17, 2006

We've All Heard it by Now

Thanks to Tennessee Guerilla Women for pointing me in the direction of The Raw Story's coverage of the " 'shit' heard 'round the world." (Click this link for the CNN video from The Raw Story.)

Just a few curious observations about this non-story, because it really doesn't matter:
  • Couldn't George I and Barbara have done a better job of teaching Georgie to chew with his mouth closed? For God's sake, he's representing out nation at the meeting of the eight most powerful, industrialized nations of the world!
  • Who dresses Tony Blair? Is he going for The Sopranos or "your friendly, neighborhood accountant look? Either way, he failed. Fire the dresser, Tony!
  • Is there anyone out there who did not yet believe this man was a hypocrite or that he never curses? Puh-leaze! Well, I'll take anything which further erodes his credibility with his 'base.'
  • How thrilled do you think Ed Henry, the CNN correspondent in St. Petersburg, was to be able to utter a word on the FCC no-say list, in quotes, as uttered by the President of the United States? I know I would have been tickled pink, flipping the FCC the bird outside of camera view as I enunciated that four-letter number as clearly as I could, wouldn't you?
I loved this but I hope nobody's taking it too seriously. You want serious? Start praying right now that Justice John Paul Stevens remains very healthy for the next 2+ years. That's serious.

Firedoglake has some good, slightly more mature commentary on the episode.

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