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Friday, July 14, 2006

Dads and Daughters

I happened upon this link via Anglophile, who I haven't gotten around to reading in a bit. It feels good to be catching up on some of my favorite blogs. I don't know what's kept me so occupied recently but it seems ages since I've gone through my blogroll.

What a wonderful concept. What wonderful men would belong to an organization like this. What wonderful, confident, creative women would they raise. How I wish my dad had been able to get past all the bullshit the world threw at him about what his son and daughter were "supposed" to be like. How pivotal was my relationship with my father, are all women's relationships with their dads.

Damn shame, Dad.

If you're a man raising a daughter, I hope you'll take a look at Dads and Daughters. Your attitudes are among the most crucial factors shaping the woman your daughter will become. Make a difference.

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