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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Great Weekend

I just got back from the Jersey shore after visiting with my family. Mom is good and looks great and Mike is not nearly as bothered by his back (two herniated disks have had him laying off running for the better part of the last year). He ran in his ten-mile race at a seaside town and finished 50th. That's the poorest I can recall though he tells me he did worse the first time he ran it. The weather was pretty good but he hit a wall after the 7th mile. He hasn't run over seven miles in almost a year. Still, he managed to finish and not without some respect.

Jen looks well and seems to be just loving motherhood! I feel so happy for her as I recall what it meant for me to raise her husband. And, of course, my grandboy is marvelous! He's smiling and cooing and giggling a little bit. He loves his Nana. I do have a way with babies and making them smile, if I must say so myself.

I don't have anything interesting to post since I've been blessedly out of touch for the last two days. Is there a cease-fire? Did I hear that? See...I came here even before I went off to read the headlines!

Weatherwise, it was one of the most perfect beach weekends I've ever seen! I feel good!

Envy me my beautiful grandboy! ; )

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