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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Official!

Democrats control both houses of Congress!

Tennessee Guerilla Women pointed me there...MSNBC, NBC news and the Associated Press have have called Jim Webb the winner of the Virginia Senate race over incumbent (racist, sexist, anti-Semitic schmuck) George Allen!

The Democrats are in the house...BOTH of them!

All we're waiting for now is for Allen and the Repubs to decide if they're going to ask for a recount. Chances aren't good that any recount will recoup 7,000 votes for Allen. Why, even right wingers are calling for Allen to take it 'like a man' and concede. Go read that letter to Senator Allen at RedState, then read the comments. I was almost drawn to comment that the "whining" that Florida elicited was because Gore actually won the popular vote in that state in 2000...just like Webb did in Virginia yesterday! (Thanks to Talking Points Memo for that one!)

Allen (and Conrad Burns in Montana) should let it go and concede and let us get on with the business of putting this country back together.

As if you needed any more excitement tonight...Arizona voters defeated a gay marriage ban at the polls yesterday!

Whoot! Christmas is in November this year, peeps!

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